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Sunday, July 02, 2006

You always say you can't eat peanut butter because it makes you breakout. Actually, you say you can't eat a lot of things otherwise you're going to end up with an acne flair-up the size of Mt. Vernon...

What if the truth of the matter is that peanut butter, shellfish, frenchfries, pizza and chocolate are not to blame for your breakouts?

There are many misconceptions about acne, and many of us have believed them for years. One myth is that acne is a result of poor hygiene, but acne is not caused by dirt. You could roll around in mud all day long and it isn't going to be the cause of your acne. Secondly, a recent review of scientific literature can actually not affirm that your diet has much to do with your breakouts. No connection between diet and acne has been found by any scientific experiment. There have been no conclusive studies, only flawed ones which state that high sugar or high fat content foods affect acne.

Really, acne is caused by your own body. In fact the blockages that cause acne occur deep within the narrow follicle, where it is impossible to wash them away. These plugs are formed by the cells and sebum created there by the body. The bacteria involved are the same bacteria that are always present on the skin. Regular cleansing of the skin can reduce, but not prevent, acne. Anything beyond very gentle cleansing can actually worsen existing lesions and even encourage new ones by damaging or overdrying skin.

Cleansing daily with a topical acne solution is the best ways to fight acne. Ok, so maybe knowing that your own body is the cause of your breakouts isn't a plus, but isn't it great to know you can dive into that box of chocolate, acne-flair-up free?


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