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Normal/Combination Skin

Your skin usually feels just right, not too oily or dry. You may have a tendency to be oily on the nose and forehead and drier around the eyes and cheeks.
small_cond_normal.jpg Conditioning Solution - Normal/Combination Skin
This Conditioning Solution, formulated with extracts of Palma Rosa and Geranium, gently exfoliates and tones, preparing the skin for optimal penetration of moisturizing and rejuvenating treatments.

small_cleanse_normal.jpg Instant Foaming Cleanser - Normal/Combination Skin
This soft fluffy lather cleanses delicately but keeps your skin’s fragile lipid balance intact. Formulated with botanical extracts of arnica, ivy and elderflower, this cleanser gently removes surface oil, impurities, and makeup, leaving the skin clean, refreshed and balanced.

small_moist_normal.jpg Moisturizing Treatment - Normal/ Combination Skin
This moisturizing treatment utilizes powerful BIOACTIVE MODULATOR® blends to maintain optimal moisture balance, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protect the skin from UV damage.

Skin Amnesty™ Balancing Skin Care is specifically designed for normal and combination skin. Using specific Balancing BIOACTIVE MODULATOR® blends in the cleanser, conditioning solution and moisturizing treatment, this system gently removes surface oils and impurities, balances the pH, and maintains optimal moisture balance.
Skin Amnesty® a plastic surgeon's results without the surgery
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